The Gentle Compiler Construction System

Gentle Applications


The Gentle Compiler Construction System is used at many sites in the world and has been licensed by leading IT companies (including Bull, DEC, Deneb, IBM, RWE, Siemens-Nixdorf). A special application area is industrial automation where reliability is a major concern. Robot control software generated with Gentle is in use at the automtive industry (e.g. at Volkswagen).

Users report that Gentle significantly increases productivity:

The high level of abstraction frees from implementation details.
The safety of the language eliminates traditional debugging.
The underlying methodology serves as a guideline for compiler design.
The uniform framework makes the language simple and easy to learn.

Here are some typical applications:

A high level object-oriented simulation language
A workflow system
A programming language for neural networks
A translator from Mathematica to C
A programming language for massively parallel computers
A portable ANSI C compiler
A programming language for industrial robots
A language for object-oriented information systems
A language for functional and logic programming
A query language for an OODBMS